Unfortunately I've been super busy this weekend and haven't blogged. I started a job in a factory last week and oh my it's bloody rubbish!! Yeah it's alright money but it's boring, it's the same thing over and over for 8 hours. I'm so slow as well, trying my hardest obviously but my hardest isn't... Continue Reading →


So today was rubbish! Blaze (my sister) has gone to stay at Mums so that means I'm on my own until Friday... the job front wasn't going too well this morning after applying for any old job I found on the internet.   But... good news comes to those who wait, I have an induction... Continue Reading →

While everyone hates working when they have a job and are forever saying "I hate Mondays", I envy these people and wish I was at work today. So instead of moaning about life (ok moaning about life a bit) I have decided to make the most of my time. For example I'm going to write... Continue Reading →

Do you watch Netflix? Well who doesn't love a Sunday afternoon were all there is to do is binge watch a Netflix show. I recently just finished Girl Boss and I'm now rewatching it, yes it's that good! Sophia Christina Amoruso, the founder, struggles in life; which is similar to my situation at the moment. That's... Continue Reading →

The situation

What does everyone want from life? They want to be happy, stress free, well I'm only 21 and stress seems to be top of my list at the moment. Sounds silly, I know. So I finish school (didn't try hard enough I'll be honest) but got into College, study a subject for 2 years... Received... Continue Reading →

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